Project Management Services

  • Co-ordinate the preparation of initial viability studies and advise on the need for research and feasibility studies.
  • Liaise with agents on co-ordination in connection with move to new premises.
  • Advise on the appointment of consultants and implement appointments.
  • Establish appropriate channels of communication between members of the project team.
  • Co-ordinate project team during the preparation of the design brief.  Clarify the design brief as necessary during design development. Incorporate any changes and obtain authorisation.
  • Develop co-ordinate and report scheme design proposals to Client.
  • Report preferred components, drawings and specifications and obtain approval. Organise amendments, if required and submit final proposals for approval.
  • Establish procedures for checking compliance with designs and specifications and monitor standards of workmanship and materials.
  • Establish meetings structure and timing. Lay down procedure for convening, chairing, attendance, function, frequency and responsibility for recording of meetings and distribution of information.
  • Monitor communications and distribution of information.
  • Ensure appropriate information is provided to the Client. Notify the Client of decisions requiring direct approval.
  • Liaise with the Client, the agents and solicitors in agreeing the terms of agreement for lease.
  • Agree reporting and recording procedures with all project team members.
  • Organise and chair all principal meetings.
  • In conjunction with the project team, prepare and maintain a master programme from concept to completion to record principle activities and identify critical dates. Verify and incorporate other relevant programmes for production of detailed design information.  Monitor progress.
  • Advise of all changes, recommend appropriate action and obtain authorisation.
  • Ensure in conjunction with the project team, the principle contractors’ programme, seek clarification of contractors programme if necessary, and incorporate these into the master programme.
  • Monitor the project team in the preparation of budget costs, and present feasibility studies to the Client for approval.
  • In conjunction with the project team prepare and maintain a master cost plan. Advise of any alterations required and obtain authorisation for changes.
  • Ensure the design team are providing adequate and timely information for the preparation of tender documentation.
  • Obtain authorisation for costs and variations when limit of authority is exceeded and check that costs are being agreed.
  • Report at regular intervals the forecast of final costs, including costs of variations and the cost implications of extensions of time and forecast completion dates.
  • Ensure the design team prepare regular valuations and payment certificates of the contractors’ works valued in accordance with the building contract.  Check that valuations and certificates are correctly circulated.
  • Ensure that the design team prepare final account and agree settlement.
  • Authorise any other payments due and check against cash flow. Ensure the Client makes payment within the stipulated time.
  • Ensure with the design team which statutory approvals are required and that applications for approval are submitted.  Ensure that the design team apply for amendments to statutory approvals granted when required.
  • Decide with the design team the procurement procedure for the selection of contractors.  Decide on the type and form of contract. Monitor Consultants in the preparation and assembly of tender documents.
  • With the design team, prepare a list of tenderers, conduct interviews, if required, and obtain approval.
  • Arrange with design team tender analysis; obtain clarification of ambiguities and prepare tender report. Arrange to interview tenderers if required. Prepare tender award recommendation and obtain instructions.
  • Co-ordinate the preparation of contract documents. Arrange signatures of parties to the contract.
  • Arrange for orders to be placed for long delivery components.
  • Advise of any works to be carried out under separate direct contracts.
  • Co-ordinate the design team to ensure the provision of information to contractors in an appropriate timescale.
  • Ensure that variations and instructions are issued on time and correctly circulated.
  • Ensure that the design team fulfil their contractual obligations in confirming completion and issuing  appropriate certificates of making good defects and completion.
  • Ensure practical management, maintenance programmes, and provision of maintenance staff are in place and hand-over after operational tests and full commissioning of services.
  • Liaise with the client, the design team and the contractors on commissioning programmes.
  • Ensure the Heath and Safety File is fully completed and issued.

Cost Consultancy / Quantity Surveying

Our cost consultant’s (quantity surveyor’s) primary objective is to provide exceptional value for money. We provide detailed, intelligent, productive cost advice and full cost control at all stages of your project from inception to completion. We believe detailed planning results in reduced costs and more focused resources.

  • Attend meetings called by the Client to progress any aspect of the project.
  • Provide cost advice on housing options during project feasibility stage.
  • Provide more detailed cost advice during scheme design stages preparing budget estimates and cost plans as required.
  • Progress cost information in sufficient detail to obtain relative approvals.
  • Advise and liaise with the design team on procurement methods and procedures. Implement the procurement process.
  • Advise prepare and implement on all contract documentation.
  • Advise, prepare and implement on all tender documentation.
  • Prepare a tender report and advise proposed contractor.
  • In conjunction with the design team, engage in active value engineering as design develops through each project stage.
  • Advise on all other commercial issues including insurance, taxation, life cycle costing, and future maintenance costs.
  • In conjunction with the design team, engage and implement change control procedure.
  • In conjunction with the design team, engage and implement risk control procedure.
  • Ensure all correct commercial procedures are implemented and adhered to.
  • Maintain cost planning, management and control during construction period.
  • Identify all costs associated with design changes, contract awards and client changes.
  • Prepare regular commercial reports as required.
  • Engage in all contract administration services and prepare contract documents, bonds, etc.
  • Measure, provide and agree valuations of works all executed.
  • Advise on issue of completion certificates.
  • Agree all final accounts with all contractors and obtain approval.
  • Prepare final commercial statement and final elemental cost plan.

Interior Design Space Planning

  • We design inspirational environments to create powerful responses whilst ensuring optimum functionality.
  • Carrying out measured surveys as required and advising on additional survey work required.
  • Production of sketch design proposals, scheme design drawings and information, detailed design drawings and information and tender information including specifications and schedules
  • Production of design development programme.
  • Production of designers risk assessments.
  • Design development throughout all project stages including co-ordination of design with other design consultants.
  • Attendance at all project team meetings and design team meetings.
  • Obtaining all statutory approvals including planning approval/listed buildings approval and building regulations approval; including attendance at all meetings in connection with obtaining these approvals
  • Preparing contract drawings and detailed design information including all amendments and variations during the project works.
  • Quality control including snagging inspections of all designed works during the works and at completion.
  • Technical review of O&M information produced prior to the issue of the Heath and Safety File.

 Mechanical and Electrical Design / Monitoring

Mechanical and Electrical design on modern projects is reliant on the outcome of early energy assessment, assessment of renewable requirements and Co2 emissions. We apply our extensive knowledge and experience into the energy assessment decision making process to ensure that practical and cost effective solutions are always achieved and that these solutions comply with all current legislation including planning, building regulations, BREEAM and CIBSE regulations.

  • Incoming Services-Ensure the new building will be adequately serviced by the correct gas, water, power and telecom supplies.
  • Drainage-Survey the existing below ground drainage to determine its condition and design all new above ground foul and surface water disposal systems.
  • Electrical Services -Full design of all electrical items/infrastructure throughout the building which includes, Lighting, Emergency lighting, and Power.
  • Fire Alarms -Design of life safety systems in accordance with relevant standards and any particular Building Regulations and/or insurance requirements.
  • Heating-Determine the optimum solution for the building.
  • Cooling -Assess the need for cooling and determine the optimum solution.
  • Ventilation-Determine the need for fresh air ventilation.
  • Water services-Provide safe and clean water systems to ablutions kitchen and food prep areas.
  • Data systems-Incorporate data wiring and containment within the building to suit a flexible space plan.
  • Security Systems-Ensure the building has the necessary intruder deterrents and alarm systems.

CDM / Principle Designer

Under UK Law it is a legal requirement for all clients to appoint a CDM Co-ordinator on all commercial construction projects. Aura offer experienced CDM Co-ordinators at Fellowship level to ensure that all parties discharge their responsibilities. From the design stage to the final handover of the Health and Safety file, the right team makes a difference on site to reduce risks for all parties ensuring a safe and efficient site.

Corporate Facilities Support / Asset Management / Facilities Management

We provide experienced management resources sensitive towards the special requirements of the on-going business operations of your company. We work closely with you to deliver excellent services that are closely linked with the on-going roles of each department.

  • Interim Management
  • Program Management
  • Cost Consultancy Advice
  • Move Management
  • Auditing of Annual Maintenance Service Contracts
  • Workspace Utilisation Studies
  • Furniture Procurement Advice
  • Corporate Benchmarking
  • Health and Safety Advice i.e. workstation assessments, audits and training
  • Develop Approve Contractors Criteria and setting up framework agreements
  • Tendering of Annual Service Contracts

Health and Safety Advice

Aura provides Health and Safety services to assist your company in complying with all the current Health and Safety laws and regulations, providing a safe working environment for your employees. We aim to reduce risk for your company, leaving you free to concentrate on your business goals.

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Marshal training
  • General risk assessments of buildings and offices
  • Manual handling risk assessment
  • Risk assessment for new or expectant mothers
  • Risk assessments and guidance for young person placements (aged 15-18)
  • Guidance and training on how to select and manage building contractors
  • Guidance and training on accident reporting and investigating
  • Health and safety training and guidance for new employees
  • Health and safety training and guidance for event organisers and charity activities
  • Health and safety guidance and training for the management of road risk
  • Health and safety guidance and training for business travellers
  • Health and safety policy writing
  • Advice on stress management
  • Advice on asbestos management
  • DSE (Display screen equipment) Assessor training

Fire Risk Assessments

  • Assisting clients comply with Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Providing information on legislation and its interoperation
  • Responsibilities of Employers and Landlords
  • Requirements relating to Fire Risk Assessment
  • Principles of Risk Assessment
  • Using BS PAS79 format Risk Assessment
  • Assessing Passive, Active and Managed fire protection systems
  • Assessment of Hazards and Fire Prevention
  • Assessment of Means of Escape and emergency lighting
  • Assessment of travel distances and compartmentation
  • Assessment of Fire Warning Systems
  • Assessment of Fire Extinguishing Appliances
  • Assessment of Management Arrangements including review of policies and procedures and other documentation including maintenance records
  • Providing feedback during the survey to clients representatives in advance of the report
  • Provision of a report on our findings including a fire risk assessment and list of recommendations for action to improve fire safety within the building/premise

Integration Management

Aura provides Integration Management. When two companies merge the integration needs to be seamless, benefitting both companies. We manage the merging across all divisions including risk, HR, compliance, front and back office.

Workplace Strategy

Aura provides a detailed breakdown of how your existing property portfolio is utilised by:-

  • Completing numerous utilisation studies across building, floor, department and work styles
  • Analysing property and departmental metrics at a building, country or regional level
  • Benchmarking across similar sectors

We provide solutions for your business by identifying the most efficient occupational possibilities. Including:-

  • Optimising space-through building or departmental restacking to incorporate growth
  • Flexibility- different work styles, hot desking, breakout space and booking systems
  • New acquisitions and disposals

And by developing a structure to guarantee your company real savings in the future by:-

  • Standardisation of office allocation and different work styles
  • Departmental space allocation-business charge back process for real estate

Aura assists in providing you with a more cost-effective operation, helping to create further productivity and economic growth for your company.

Move Management

Aura consulting delivers business critical moves for companies. We can provide this service either as a one-off or as part of a sequence of moves. We provide experienced management resources sensitive to your company’s on-going business requirements across all departments. We are highly skilled at planning, implementing and managing staff relocations. We aim to eliminate any downtime, secure departmental support, while providing savings and efficiency to fit your company’s goals for the future.

We manage moves relating to the following four categories:-

  • Lease-break Relocations
  • Fit-out Relocations, normally associated with the new office fit-out project
  • Annual churn and Program Management
  • Filing Audits and Archiving

Workstation Assessments

Aura offers advice on the following for the greater benefit of your business.

  • Information and training on how to comply with the health and safety (display screen equipment) regulations
  • Self-assessment forms for users of display screen to compete
  • One-to–one workstation assessments
  • Guidance on correct posture and tension relief
  • Guidance for users of laptops blackberries and PDA’s
  • Guidance and risk assessment for home workers

IT Services

Aura understands that the technical environment of your business is a key factor in propelling it to success and expansion, ensuring that time to market and customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of your strategic thinking.
Aura offers a complete package of IT sales, services and technical expertise, tailored to suit your specific business requirements. We aim to assist your company to function efficiently and seamlessly. We source from the best providers and from our own extensive network of reseller relationships, consultants and qualified insured professionals to provide your company with everything it needs to achieve its business goals.

Services include:-

  • Equipment sales
  • Structured cabling
  • Data/Networking
  • Voice
  • Application, development and maintenance support
  • Coding/ bespoke application and database creation
  • Project Management
  • Managed Services